Bad Results of Improper Feminine Hygiene Disposal

Published: 16th April 2010
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Feminine hygiene products include tampons, sanitary pads, toilet papers, panty liners, etc. There is a growing concern about proper feminine hygiene disposal. It doesn't only damage the environment, just about all put many innocent people in danger. Economic awareness area for harmful microorganism transfer can be the women's restroom. Restrooms are now being shared to associates as well as most dreadful area could be the public restroom where everybody uses it and it's too risky to touch any patch of it.

Hepatitis virus can stay from the restroom surface for few days. Hepatitis B is mostly a blood borne disease and will be transmitted by an affected individual through menstrual discharges. Proper disposal and health of their tampons and sanitary pads need to be observed so that you can prevent anybody from acquiring such disease.

There's been a developing concern of clogging toilets and overflow of sewers. These are carrying out a wrong practice of disposing their sanitary pads down stained. These wastes sometimes result to within our oceans and develop an international problem of pollution and scratches to our marine environment.

Safety practices will be observed to counteract the bad connection between improper feminine hygiene disposal. There are plenty of possibilities open. Traditional trash bins are now being eventually replaced with hands-free trash bins and people with foot pedals to prevent touching the symptoms which can be surely rife with germs. Sanitary disposal bags are usually being introduced to be your very own trash bag whenever trash bins usually are not accessible.

Although there are many options that people could select from, we should be responsible enough in disposing our feminine hygiene waste products. They mustn't be flushed down the toilet and really should not be thrown elsewhere. People should cooperate in order to protect themselves, others along with the environment.

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